Decryptor 2.1

Bad news, your files have been encrypted!

What Happened To This Computer?

All your personal data, photos, videos, work files, including your operating system have been encrypted and can be accessed again if you pay a ransome. You can't access anything on this machine but this screen.

You have one hour to pay the prize, otherwise you will no longer be able to decrypt them. Powering off or restarting your computer will also destroy your files.

What Can You Do?

You might be looking for a way to recover your files but don't waste your time. We use an unbreakable encryption so nobody can restore your files without a decryption key.

You can purchase your key using one of the payment methods listed below. You will get a code to paste in the input field and click Decrypt. After this you should be restored in a couple of minutes.

Is This Legal?

Someone who has access to this computer has recently installed one of our free applications and agreed for the files to be encrypted by accepting the terms and conditions. This procedure is absolutely legal, we are a certified and awarded company specialized in computer viruses and digital identity theft. We will send you an invoice for your payment.

How Do You Pay?

We offer many payment methods to make the transaction smooth and easy to make you a satisfied but not a returning customer:

  1. Send $399 + Tax worth of Monopoly Money to this address:
  2. Send the fee with PayDude:
        [email protected]
  3. We now accept kidneys!
    Call now to request kidney transplant: +1 804 TAKE MY KIDNEY

Still Having Trouble

You shouldn't be worried, your files are safe and you don't need to pay anything.
This was just a prank :)

Send $399 Get a key Paste your key below Click Decrypt
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I'm here to help.
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